Two Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Courses -
five holes border El Encanto.
El Encanto - Elements of Enchantment

Elements of Enchantment, LIVE ON VIDEO

El Encanto - Elements of Enchantment


Like an explorer in search of a hidden treasure, he walked across the thick brush and sloping hills of Punta Mita, untouched land with a gem to be found. He combed the peninsula for several days, seeking that perfect point.

Eventually, he ascended one last parcel. The fragrant breeze carrying the sea air cooled his face. A multitude of shore birds swelled overhead, sounding a concerto at once discordant and splendid. He noticed a yellow copa de oro growing wild, almost hidden in the rocks. Then he looked up. Within seconds, a sunset splashed across the horizon, intense and vivid, too extreme to replicate and be believed.


With his feet on terra firma and his eyes taking in both the Bay of Banderas and the Pacific Ocean, he knew he had found the treasure that could only be called enchanting - El Encanto.

Here he would create a retreat to gracious living, an escape to adventure in a land full of history, a place where beauty could be seen in all its forms. In essence, it was the perfect point on the peninsula.


The gorgeous butterflies, the myriad of tropical fish, the whimsy of crabs on the sand, the whales that come into the bay. The verdant land with gentle greens on the golf course and lush, tropical greens in the landscaping around your own home. And, always, the brilliant pinks and reds of bougainvillea against earthen walls - the colors of Mexico.

Beauty penetrates your home as well as the landscape. Your private sanctuary harmonizes with surrounding nature through marbles, stonework, and graceful archways.

Finally, beauty permeates your very spirit. At this perfect point on the peninsula, the earth and the heavens meet.

explore the hidden treasure of Punta Mita
enjoy the affluent nature of the peninsula
 unique enchantment of El Encanto